Established in August 2020, 7th CLOSE is a London-based ladieswear brand designed to provide ready to wear luxury essential sets for the modern woman. Founded by Stylist and Style blogger Ama Godson, 7th CLOSE endeavours to provide a destination for providing style on a hanger by creating classic matching sets that require minimum styling and can be worn in the evenings aswell as the daytime. 7th CLOSE is all about creating garments for the woman who wants to feel empowered, strong and stylish all at the same embracing all areas of femininity and encouraging confidence starting with a well crafted and tailored outfit.


The birth of 7th CLOSE is a very personal one for Ama as she has been in the fashion industry for a very long time and has always longed for luxury essentials that are a reflection of her personal style but are also a reflection of her busy lifestyle which means wearing matching sets can give a women a stress free yet stylish approach to her wardrobe needs.


We hope you enjoy the brand as much as Ama herself enjoyed creating it for you.